Pathfinder Program

The Pathfinder Program at STSR is a great way to introduce “Crossed Over” Scouts to the Scouting Program as well as any Scout that just needs a little help to get caught up through First Class. 

It’s designed especially for  those Scouts who have just begun their Scouting Trail. With Director selected service oriented and passionate Staffers, the Pathfinders will become familiar with their camp as home away from home. It is the ideal setting for new Scouts in your troop.

Our Pathfinder program is structured to be tailored to the needs of any Scout who is not yet First Class. We’ve broken the program into three classes: Scout-Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class.

New Scouts should sign up for all three classes, but a Scout who is Second Class can sign up for just First Class  and focus on getting those requirements knocked out.


The program is structured so that your Scout will also have time to sign up for other merit badges throughout the week or just have free time to explore other areas that camp has to offer.

Our Pathfinder Scouts have raved about their experiences and our unique delivery of scout skills. Scouts are encouraged to practice these skills with their leaders during camp. Leaders are always welcome to come play with us during class time.

Don’t forget to bring your books, water bottles, cook kit, and utensils.