Pathfinder Program

We feel the Pathfinder  program is one of the most  important Programs at STSR. Our primary goal is to make sure your Scout has a great experience their first summer camp, with a firm belief that Scouts that enjoy their first summer camp, stay in Scouts! It’s designed especially for  those Scouts who have just begun their Scouting Trail. With Director selected service oriented and passionate Staffers, the Pathfinders will become familiar with their camp as home away from home. It is the ideal setting for new Scouts in your troop.

Scouts will be put into provisional patrols that hang together building a strong foundation and understanding of the patrol method. Scouts in the Pathfinder Program will spend the first 4 to 5 class periods in their patrol working on many basic Scout skills and requirements for Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class ranks. They should also walk away with the First Aid, Swimming (if they pass the swimmer test) merit badges, while completing many requirements of Pioneering, Camping, and Cooking merit badges. The program is structured so that your Scout will also have time to sign up for other merit badges throughout the week or just have free time to explore other areas that camp has to offer. Don’t forget to bring your books, water bottles, cook kit, and utensils.

Pathfinder Scouts will be the talk of the camp. They get to have fun while practicing the skills they’ve learned throughout the week by various game-type challenges presented to their patrols throughout the week, like the 50-gal drum raft building exercise during a group swim time 😊 or the monkey bridge -tower building lashing quest to cross the Temple of Doom. Patrols even get special slot times to visit various program areas around camp.

The Pathfinder Program at STSR is a great way to introduce “Crossed Over” Scouts to the Boy Scouting Program as well as any Scout that just needs a little help to get caught up through First Class. Our Pathfinder Scouts have raved about their experiences and our unique delivery of scout skills. Scouts are encouraged to practice these skills with their leaders during camp. Leaders are always welcome to come play with us during class time.